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Nov 2023

QuadBox - Portable power switching unit containing four heavy duty relays.

Compact and portable, the QuadBox is ideal for adding DMX512 control of up to four remotely switched loads from one mains hot power point. Add a Theatrelight LR Mini to control the unit via Lumen Radio wireless on location, or in hard to reach areas on stage, or film and TV sets


Data sheet & Manual for Quadbox

Relay Packs of 2kw load and 4 channels, Quadbox by Theatrelight NZ

Our Products

Stage LED Fresnel spotlight 100w F500 by Theatrelight New Zealand

LED Stage Spotlights

Theatrelight manufactures a range of LED Fresnel and LED Profile Spotlights for Theatres, TV Studios, Schools, Museums and Art Galleries

stage Lighting console 24chn by Theatrelight New Zealand

Lighting Consoles

Our lighting consoles range from simple 6 channel consoles for school drama rooms, up to consoles with 1024 DMX channels

Stage Dimmer

Stage Dimmers and Power Distribution

We manufacture stage dimmers and power distribution boards in a range of formats from single channel 2Kw up to multichannel 6Kw plugin dimmers for TV Studios

DMX splitter

DMX splitters | RDM splitters | Wireless DMX

Our many designs of DMX and RDM splitters cover an increasing market and together with our Lumen Radio Wireless DMX products suit most requirements for DMX/RDM distribution

Ambiance Dimmer system

Environmental Lighting Control

We manufacture a range of environmental lighting control and dimmers for both incandescent and mains dimmable LED bulbs.

The products include the single channel MoodsetLED up to multichannel rack and wall mounted dimmers such as the NebulaLED and MeteorLED

Other Brands

Zero88 Moving Lights Consoles

    Theatrelight NZ represents Zero88 products in New Zealand. The Zero88 FLX moving light consoles are portable, easy to use and can control up to 2048 DMX channels (upgradable to 8192). Features such as a 7" touch screen for colour picking, presets to match Lee and Rosco filters, and a vast fixtures library are just a few of their attributes.

Altair Wireless Talkback

Altair Communications products

  Theatrelight NZ are sole agents for Altair communications products known for their reliablity and ease of use, Based in Spain, Altair manufacture a professional range of multichannel intercoms for the entertainment industry, including wired and wireless base stations, beltpacks, and headsets. Altair wired intercoms are compatible with a wide list of intercom manufacturers, such as Espiral™ and Clear-Com™..

Wireless DMX

Lumen Radio

  Theatrelight NZ manufactures all its Wireless DMX units using only Lumen Radio OEM equipment. Lumen Radio is the world acknowledged leader in DMX communication for the entertaiment industry

Our Products
How we work

Product design

Our products are designed in New Zealand by engineers with a background in theatre lighting design


Theatrelight NZ manifactures all equipment in its own factory in Zhongshan China  under NZ supervision  

Long History

Theatrelight NZ was founded in 1972 to provide reliable equipment for Theatres and TV Studios

Theatrelight products can be found in theatres, TV and film studios, theme parks, schools, and architectural lighting installations the world over.

Professions and Industries we serve

Schools and Drama Rooms

Our consoles such as the Starlet 6 and 12 when used with our small LED luminaires such as the F500 LED Fresnel are ideal for teaching the elements of stage lighting design in schools

Hotels, Clubs, and Public Area Lighting

Theatrelight equipment is used in lighting many hotel foyers and other public areas for its reliabilty and reduced maintenance costs.

Stage power distribution unit of PID II

Professional Theatres, TV Studios and Event Centres

These venues are suited to Theatrelight's PIDII plug-dimmer system which is available in cabinets of 60 and 96 dimmers. The PIDII together with our DMX/RDM splitters and wireless DMX systems can provide dimming and hotpower distribution for thousands of channels of up to 6kW per wayline, with EMI filtering to BBC TV Studio standards

Museums, Art Galleries, and Exhibitions

Our range of environmental lighting dimmers such the MoodsetLED and MeteorLED are suited to many display purposes. The low running costs and very low UV output of our LED luminaires are particularly advantageous for Museums and Art galleries.

Smaller Theatres and TV Studios

Theatrelight's range of consoles, dimmers, hotpower and DMX distribution suit all sizes of theatres and TV studios when used with our 500 watt and 1kw equivalent LED luminaires