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DMX Relay Packs - QuadBox

Portable DMX relay packs containing four heavy duty relay switch


The Theatrelight QuadBox – a DMX controlled relay dimmer packs, simplifies remote control of any equipment requiring On/Off power  including motors, and LED fittings.

Compact and portable, the QuadBox is ideal for adding DMX512 control of up to four remotely switched loads from one mains hot power point. Add a Theatrelight LR Mini to control the unit via Lumen Radio wireless on location, or in hard to reach areas on stage, or film and TV sets. Individually programmable On and Off security delays and DMX addresses enable the QuadBox to reduce breaker tripping by sequentially powering on loads with high in-rush current.


Relay Packs of 2kw load and 4 channels, Quadbox by Theatrelight NZ

Features include

  • Individual On and Off security delays per channel (Instant up to 30 seconds)
  • Individual Channel DMX-512 addresses for each channel
  • Secure DMX level control – relays switch On at 60%. Off at 40%
  • Auto Power On sense option with variable security delays
  • Auto DMX On/Off sense option with variable security delays
  • Random On delay option to stagger in-rush current on large installations
  • Long life 30 amp relay contacts
  • Output via four 10amp, 3-pin NZ/AUS Sockets
  • Input cable and 3-pin NZ/AUS plug 10amp max
  • Single MCB (or optional 30ma RCBO) breaker protection
  • Compact size with M10 bolt attachment and safety chain attachment point
  • Low cost for tight budgetsR